NewsChaos in McDonald's. Dozens of rats and mice at the restaurant

Chaos in McDonald's. Dozens of rats and mice at the restaurant

Rats in McDonald's
Rats in McDonald's
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9:33 AM EST, November 6, 2023

An anti-Israel activist caused chaos in a McDonald's outlet in Birmingham, central England, by releasing dozens of rats and mice painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag. This action appears to be in protest against the fast-food chain's provision of complimentary meals to Israeli soldiers.

The "Daily Mail" reported that the individual, who wore a scarf sporting the colors of the Palestinian flag, transported the rodents in a cardboard box by car. Upon entering the restaurant, he released the creatures onto the floor, shouting slogans such as "Free Palestine!" and "Down with Israel!". A video later appeared on social media showing the incident with a caption that read, "Enjoy your rat burgers!". Panic ensued among the customers in the fully occupied store, with many fleeing in fright.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s confirmed the incident and reassured the public that professional cleaners had thoroughly sanitized the premises thereafter. The police are treating the incident as a public order offense and conducting investigations accordingly.

This incident is part of broader calls to boycott McDonald's over its provision of free meals to IDF soldiers, a gesture similar to that of Starbucks. The chain is being accused of showing excessive favoritism towards Israel amidst the ongoing conflict.

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