NewsChaos in Germany. Another night of riots

Chaos in Germany. Another night of riots

Chaos in Germany. Another night of riots
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2:31 PM EDT, October 20, 2023

Last night violent riots flared up during pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Berlin. Several hundred people participated. They set cars on fire, and built barricades. The intervening police officers were pelted with a hail of rocks and bottles.

It was the second night in a row when, despite the ban, pro-Palestinian demonstrators gathered in Berlin-Neukoelln. Several cars were set on fire on the city streets, and burning barricades were also set up. Police and rescuers were attacked. As confirmed by the spokesman of the Berlin situation center, the perpetrators were "people wanting to express their solidarity with Palestine".

- Bottles and stones were thrown at officers and emergency services, and pyrotechnic materials were set on fire. People were also throwing objects on the street, setting them on fire. The police and emergency services were on the scene all night, said the police spokeswoman. As she emphasized, the demands to end the demonstration were not met. Arrests were made, and "direct force had to be used by the officers," including the use of water cannons.

That same evening, a "large gathering of people" also took place in front of the MSZ headquarters in the Mitte district. Fortunately, in this case, the protesters dispersed peacefully.

"They were interested in participating in the riots themselves."

The police emphasized that many young men were involved in the evening events and were primarily interested in participating in the riots themselves. "People could be seen throwing random objects into the street, setting them on fire, filming themselves, and celebrating," described the Berlin police. The protesters chanted slogans about a free Palestine and "Allahu Akbar", the situation only calmed down around 1 a.m. Eastern Time.

As reported on Thursday by the police spokesperson, 65 officers were injured overnight, 174 people were temporarily detained, and investigations were launched against 65.

In Germany, there is a "high level of freedom of assembly" and "there's nothing wrong with people demonstrating in the streets," stated Nancy Faeser (SPD), head of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. "What's not okay, is the use of violence, particularly against the police forces. That's why I strongly condemn attacks on police officers," declared Faeser on Thursday, prior to the meeting of EU Interior Ministers in Luxembourg.

"This group should be banned"

"Die Welt" emphasizes that Palestinian-supporting associations, including Samidoun active in Germany, as well as Berlin-based left-wing radicals, are calling for protests.

"Samidoun praised Hamas terror last weekend; this group should be banned. Social media was also full of calls to 'transform Neukoelln into Gaza' with the help of clubs and stones" - writes "Welt".

Illegal pro-Palestinian gatherings also took place in Frankfurt am Main (where about 100 people gathered) and in Kassel. The latter proceeded peacefully.

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