TechChanges in Google Chrome. The browser will correct your mistakes

Changes in Google Chrome. The browser will correct your mistakes

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

2:33 PM EDT, October 21, 2023, updated: 4:44 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

The Google Chrome browser has received new features, making internet browsing easier. The program itself will correct user errors, making it easier to reach the desired address.

Google announced on its blog about updates to the address bar. The company is improving its functionality in five ways, which will allow users to search for specific pages faster, make fewer mistakes, and receive more satisfying results compared to what has been so far.

The first example is an improved autocomplete. In the example given on the Google blog, the browser's operation was demonstrated when searching for the word "flights". The browser automatically suggests opening the Google Flights service, even though its address starts with "". Autocomplete is based on search history - if the user landed on a specific page after typing the word "flights", the browser will redirect them there itself.

No more typos

A new feature in Google Chrome will allow you to forget about typos. The browser itself will detect errors and show suggestions based on past searches. The function is already working in both the desktop version of the browser and on mobile devices.

  • Changes in the Google Chrome address bar
  • Changes in the Google Chrome address bar
  • Changes in the Google Chrome address bar
  • Changes in the Google Chrome address bar
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Google Chrome will also promote searching based on bookmarks. After entering keywords, the browser will suggest results from the web, as well as those that we've previously saved, making it possible to save time on manually opening the bookmarks list.

Did you forget the name of the site? It's not a problem

The Chrome browser will be able to help even when you forget the address. Thanks to its new function, it's enough to enter a fragment of the name of a given service, not necessarily correctly, for the browser to suggest its address.

The last change that Google boasts about is the improved readability of the taskbar. The creators claim that thanks to the visual change, as well as greater responsiveness, we can see the search results easier and faster.

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