LifestyleCelebrity Big Brother's Stephen Bear jailed for sex tape: Current partner risks jail time for filming in prison

Celebrity Big Brother's Stephen Bear jailed for sex tape: Current partner risks jail time for filming in prison

Jessica Smith is visiting her fiance in prison.
Jessica Smith is visiting her fiance in prison.
Images source: © Instagram | jessicalilyyyy
1:44 PM EST, February 7, 2024

Bear will spend the forthcoming 21 months in jail and has been given a five-year restraining order against Georgia Harrison. The 33-year-old circulated online videos of an intimate encounter involving his ex-partner. Harrison testified that she was unaware of the recording and would have never consented to the video's public release. Despite this, the sex tape eventually surfaced on an adult website. It is estimated that Stephen earned roughly two thousand pounds from the video.

Forgetfulness could come at a heavy price

Jessica Smith, Stephen's current girlfriend, shared a video with her followers, documenting her visit to him in prison. In her video titled "Come with me and visit my boyfriend in prison", she outlines her day when she visits her significant other.

The day starts with a hot cup of tea and feeding the dogs. Jessica then goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth and shower. She dresses and checks her appearance in the mirror to ensure she "looks cute for him".

In the recording, we see the entrance to a prison facility. "Lots of waiting," the TikToker comments, proceeding to share footage from the prison corridor. She sequentially outlines the routine she follows each visit: check-in, getting a wristband... She ends the day on a melancholic note: "It was so lovely to see him, but it's distressing that I can't see him for the next two weeks." The video has already garnered nearly a million views, but the creator has disabled comments.

Could Jessica Smith also face a stint in jail? Her boyfriend is there due to a sex tape

Snapping photos and filming videos in British prisons are illegal activities. British law stipulates that individuals who release images or footage from inside a correctional facility are liable to a fine or a prison sentence not exceeding two years.

While it's uncertain whether the court will judge Jessica as guilty, her deactivation of comments on the video could suggest some reflection on her part, and a more careful approach in the future. And caution is crucial, as she has multiple upcoming visits to make. Her fiancé will be behind bars for almost two additional years.

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