TechCaught on cam: Monkey masters Minecraft, wins millions of hearts online

Caught on cam: Monkey masters Minecraft, wins millions of hearts online

The monkey plays Minecraft.
The monkey plays Minecraft.
Images source: © Youtube
6:55 PM EST, January 24, 2024

Minecraft is not merely a video game for many; it's a way of life, a tool used across various domains. It regularly garners attention due to its widespread usage. The credit goes to its versatile nature, which Mojang Studio has successfully implemented.

Apart from entertainment, Minecraft facilitates learning as well. The seemingly boundless creativity of players leads to impressive projects, some painstakingly crafted by individual players over hundreds of hours. Innovative modifications can dramatically transform the gaming experience. Additionally, we now know that artificial intelligence can handle the gameplay quite competently. So, one might naturally wonder, how does a monkey fare?

A Monkey Demonstrates Skillful Minecraft Gameplay

ChrisDaCow, a YouTuber specializing in Minecraft content, uploaded a video titled "I Taught a Monkey How to Play Minecraft" on his channel. While some might dismiss it as clickbait, the video's authenticity is undeniable. With over 3 million views, the video certainly bolsters its credibility.

The video reveals that the monkey can proficiently manage basic mechanics, execute simple movements and even destroy blocks all by itself. Shot under professional supervision, the author assured Reddit users that the monkey voluntarily plays and is not forced into any action. It can leave the activity whenever it desires. Additionally, a fundraiser accompanies this initiative, with all proceeds heading towards charity.

A Monkey as a Live Streamer? Imagine That!

Despite the unusual subject matter, internet users maintain their humorous perspective. CoolFloppaGuy028 humorously suggested on Reddit that it would be amusing if ChrisDaCow could teach the monkey live-streaming. While the concept seems far-fetched at present, who knows what the future holds? Some streamers can already captivate audiences large enough to fill an entire city. And when it comes to animals, particularly cats, they have shown marked interest in games.

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