NewsCargo ship collision at Lixinsha Bridge results in fatalities and missing persons in Guangzhou

Cargo ship collision at Lixinsha Bridge results in fatalities and missing persons in Guangzhou

Disaster in Guangzhou. A ship rammed into the bridge.
Disaster in Guangzhou. A ship rammed into the bridge.
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12:11 PM EST, February 22, 2024

The ship, which was not loaded, crashed into the bridge pillar. The incident occurred at local dawn time (5:30 a.m.), 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time in the United States.

The aftermath of the bridge collapse has been severe. Rescue teams located two bodies saved two people, and are still searching for three missing individuals. One crew member from the cargo ship also suffered injuries.

Disaster at Sea: Ship Collides with Bridge, Leading to Fatalities

Five vehicles plunged from the damaged structure after the collapse - four cars and one electric scooter. Reports from "Newsweek" indicate that two vehicles ended up in the water while three landed on the ship's deck.

The public transport provider stated that a bus was on the bridge during the incident, with only the driver inside. The driver's condition remains unknown.

The Lixinsha Bridge connects the banks of the Hongqili waterway, which leads to the Pearl River. All traffic on this water route has been temporarily halted.

Local authorities announced that the owner of the vessel responsible for striking the bridge has been detained. Chinese investigators have initiated a probe into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

The water routes in the Canton region typically experience heavy traffic. A few years ago, proposals were made to construct collision barriers around bridge pillars to prevent such incidents.

Source: Newsweek, Media in China

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