NewsCar-sized boulder narrowly misses disaster near Czech border: Road closures expected

Car‑sized boulder narrowly misses disaster near Czech border: Road closures expected

A boulder fell on the Czech road.
A boulder fell on the Czech road.
Images source: © Facebook:NP Bohemian Switzerland

11:18 AM EST, January 25, 2024

The boulder detached from the stone wall and fell from a height of about 650 feet onto the road in Hřensko. The Novinky portal reported that the boulder's volume was up to 350 cubic feet.

"The boulder partially crumbled as it fell," said Tomáš Salov, a spokesman for the Czech Switzerland National Park administration. He added that the damage to the road and barriers was minor.

Salov stated that the barrier, which was designed to prevent such incidents and was damaged by the boulder, was built to withstand blocks of up to about 85 cubic feet.

Because the load-bearing fence was damaged, loose stones from the slope will need to be removed. The administration is liaising with a specialized company to perform the repairs. "We cannot do this without short-term road closure," the spokesperson warned, noting that the road should be reopened by Sunday at the latest.

The park authorities had earlier warned about the dangers posed by the strong winds that swept across the country. These winds are capable of uprooting trees and snapping thick branches.

"Moving around the forest is currently unsafe. Please prioritize your health and the health of your loved ones and refrain from entering the forest," urged a post on the park's Facebook page. Strong winds have already caused multiple problems in the Usteck region, resulting in several calls for the fire brigade.

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