TechCar lights 101: Avoid fines with these adjustment tips

Car lights 101: Avoid fines with these adjustment tips

The car has this knob for a reason.
The car has this knob for a reason.
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4:59 PM EDT, June 12, 2024

The lights in a car are a vital component for safe driving. However, improper use can cause more harm than good, such as blinding drivers from opposite directions. Here are a few rules for correctly adjusting the lights in your car.

Proper light adjustment is especially important at night when visibility is limited. During the day, the sun absorbs most of the rays, so this issue takes a back seat. Low beam lights have a limited range—in extreme cases, only 65 feet—and this is even if everything works correctly. Proper light adjustment is necessary to avoid dangerous situations.

An important knob in your car

Light adjustment is checked during periodic technical inspections. However, the driver also influences their operation, being able to correct the position of the lights using a unique knob located next to the light switch or just beside the steering wheel. Most cars have a four-step adjustment, and each position is tailored to different driving conditions:


  • Position zero – for driving alone or with one passenger in the front seat.
  • Position one – for driving with several passengers and an empty trunk.
  • Position two – for driving with a car full of passengers and a loaded trunk.
  • Position three – for driving without passengers but with a full trunk.

It's worth noting that not all cars have such a switch. Newer models with LED or xenon headlights usually have automatic light adjustment systems that do not require driver intervention.

Improperly adjusted lights may result in a ticket

The rule "see and be seen" applies on every road. This means the driver must see the road well, and other road users must notice their presence. Improperly adjusted lights can blind other drivers, leading to dangerous situations. Such neglect poses a potential accident risk.

You can adjust the car lights.
You can adjust the car lights.© Freepik
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