LifestyleCannes: From humbling fishing town to hotbed of global cinema and summer gem of French Riviera

Cannes: From humbling fishing town to hotbed of global cinema and summer gem of French Riviera

Cannes Panorama
Cannes Panorama
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7:33 PM EST, January 22, 2024

Cannes is one of the most renowned locations on the French Riviera. Tourists frequent it throughout the year, but most visit during the spring and summer months.

Cannes: The resort on the French Riviera

Often labelled as the French Riviera's gem, Cannes is a beloved vacation spot for many French locals. Additionally, it attracts tourists from around the globe, including, of course, movie stars. The city's heart is La Croisette promenade, famed for its sandy beaches, which rank among the most beautiful on the entire French Riviera.

Cannes is well-situated near the Lérins Islands. Specifically, it is close to the coast of Île Sainte-Marguerite, which, legend has it, housed the notorious 'man in the iron mask' prisoner for 11 years. The true identity of this man remains one of history's mysteries. It's even reported that death awaited him should he remove the mask from his face.

The transformation of Cannes: from a fishing town to legendary terrain

Cannes underwent an astonishing reinvention from a modest fishing village to a famous tourist attraction. The monks of Saint Honorat Island erected a castle in this city during the Middle Ages, primarily to defend the coast. Now, that landmark is a museum that towers above the city. By the mid-19th century, Henry Brougham, a Scottish lord, had lured the aristocracy to the coast.

In Cannes, you can also explore the renowned Square Tower, where you can take in the city panorama, as well as the Tower of Masks. The latter, according to legend, served as a hideout for the 'man in the iron mask' following his escape from Île Sainte-Marguerite.

Cannes has an amazing climate.
Cannes has an amazing climate.© Adobe Stock | efesenko

The jewel in the crown: Cannes Film Festival

Although the city is teeming with fascinating sights, many tourists are drawn by the allure of the famed red carpet. Launched in 1946, the Cannes Festival is one of the most prestigious film events worldwide. During the gala, the revered Palme d'Or is awarded, signaling a monumental artistic achievement for the recipient.

A week-long stay in July at a campground, a two-star hotel, or an apartment in this dream city can be secured for roughly $525. Naturally, prices soar during the festival period.

In terms of meal costs in Cannes, you can expect to pay about $55 for a two-course meal. A cup of coffee with milk in a café will set you back around $4.43, while a pint of beer in a restaurant will cost approximately $5.53.

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