LifestyleCan you solve this viral math puzzle in 10 seconds? Test your IQ with this simple equation

Can you solve this viral math puzzle in 10 seconds? Test your IQ with this simple equation

Will you solve this puzzle? - illustrative picture
Will you solve this puzzle? - illustrative picture
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9:43 AM EST, February 25, 2024

Among the many challenges prevalent on the internet, math puzzles and optical illusions rank high on the list. Wrestling with these conundrums positively stimulates our brains. However, some examples might make you break a sweat! Elementary school students might solve the forthcoming equation immediately, while older individuals might find some stumbling blocks. People with a high IQ claim to solve it within ten seconds. Do you think you can furnish the correct answer that quickly?

A simple operation? Beware, as many people get it wrong

Today, we're going to explore the solution for an equation where it becomes pivotal to identify a certain pattern. Once this pattern is identified, the solution will be easy to find.

Consider the equation 1+4=5. In this case, the answer is given. But as we proceed with the following ones, things get a bit tricky.

2+5 =12


So, what will be the solution for 8+11= ?

Try to solve it within 10 seconds! You can verify your logical prowess by checking the solution provided below.

Also, do look at this simple elementary math riddle. Many give up on it.

Quick IQ test: Here's how you solve it correctly

Let's analyze the equation 2+5=12. Notice that if we add the result of the first sum to the numbers on the left, we arrive at the correct result. Hence: 5+2+5=12.

The next problem is solved similarly: 12+3+6=21.

Moving to the final part of the puzzle, we again incorporate the result from the previous operation: 21+8+11= 40.

Did you come up with the correct answer? Excellent! Your high IQ is evident in your ability to quickly connect facts. You most likely weren't perplexed by math at school.

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