LifestyleCan you crack this viral math riddle in 15 seconds? Test your skills!

Can you crack this viral math riddle in 15 seconds? Test your skills!

Not everyone can solve this puzzle in 15 seconds.
Not everyone can solve this puzzle in 15 seconds.
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9:17 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Puzzles and mathematical riddles have gained popularity on the internet. Presented below is one of the most intriguing ones, which a nimble mind should solve in less than 15 seconds.

Mathematical riddles provide a refreshing break from work. They enhance memory and concentration, making it worthwhile to allocate some time for this activity. As the authors proclaim, not everyone can solve it in 15 seconds.

Here's the problem. Can you solve it?

In the operational equation below, the numerous eights may distract from a swift resolution. Here is the riddle:

64 + 8 × 8 - 8 × 6 = ?

You might find it helpful to reminisce about your school days and recollect the mathematical instructions probably reiterated by your teachers. They were all about the correct sequence of performing individual operations. If you don't remember, it would be beneficial to refresh your memory. Otherwise, giving the correct answer in such a short time will be challenging.

What's the correct answer?

If the task still seems unsolvable, here's a clue. According to the rules, in the absence of brackets in an equation, multiplication or division is prioritized, and executed in a left-to-right sequence, followed by addition and subtraction. In this case, two multiplications are done - first 8 × 8, yielding 64, and then 8 × 6, which gives 48.

With these calculations, the equation simplifies to 64 + 64 - 48. The operations are done as written, resulting in: 80. If you arrived at this digit and managed to solve this puzzle in less than 15 seconds, kudos to you!

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