Tips&TricksCan you crack this deceivingly simple square puzzle?

Can you crack this deceivingly simple square puzzle?

This riddle really messes with your head.
This riddle really messes with your head.
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7:24 AM EST, December 30, 2023

Not many enjoyed the math we dealt with in school, and many found it frustrating rather than enlightening. As time passed, our knowledge faded, leading to many of us forgetting the basic rules or mathematical theorems. But for this puzzle, you only need perception to find the squares. It couldn't get any simpler, could it?

A challenge for the clever minds

First, you must focus attentively on the picture, specifically the squares. Many would find the abundance of squares dizzying, rendering the correct answer not so obvious. Hastily spouting an answer likely won't get you to the correct figure because there can be only one solution. So, before answering, mull it over and adequately analyze the number of squares.

At first glance, you might think this puzzle is simple because it doesn't involve any complicated operations. However, are you sure? It's quite a tricky problem, and few people get the correct answer immediately. It's unsurprising given that few people exercise their perception and logical or abstract thinking skills in our modern world. Many are too apathetic, and puzzles like these don't typically vex us. Only a lack of knowledge and feelings of helplessness increase our stress.

Finding a solution to the square puzzle?

If you've been studying the picture intently and still can't identify the remaining squares, it's a sign to take a break. Frantic searching doesn't miraculously make the squares appear. It's counterproductive and only ends up getting you frustrated. Emotional distress has no place in solving this puzzle. It's better to take a few minutes off. You'll undoubtedly feel more composed upon resuming and likely spot new squares.

Stress, irritation, and prematurely giving up on the puzzle won't bring you nearer to the solution. Remember, a significant section of society grapples with this challenge, and people often debate the correct answer. So, just how many squares are there in the diagram? To expose them all, you need to deconstruct the puzzle. Get a paper and a pen, and quickly sketch the puzzle. This way, you'll find all the squares effortlessly, realizing that the task was surprisingly simple.

So, what's the total count of squares?

The correct answer is 18, and this is by no means an overestimation. If you found far fewer squares, it indicates that some escaped your notice. The picture comprises several big and small squares, and their arrangement can easily hoodwink one's mind. Take another look, and you're bound to identify all the squares.

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