LifestyleCan you crack this confounding confetti puzzle? Only a few have managed to find the hidden number

Can you crack this confounding confetti puzzle? Only a few have managed to find the hidden number

An optical illusion, which poses a significant challenge.
An optical illusion, which poses a significant challenge.
Images source: © JACKPOTJOY

10:52 AM EST, January 12, 2024

Optical illusions fascinate internet users and spark great curiosity. They demonstrate how easily our brains can be tricked, with just the right combination of colors, patterns, and contrast.

One might think that puzzles of this type are meant only for children and teenagers, but that's not the case. Optical illusions can help test your observance and patience. Contrary to popular belief, observance is a skill that can and should be practiced, not just in kindergarten or school.

A certain British company created this particular optical illusion on a special occasion — the company's anniversary. Which one though? You'll find out if you can solve the puzzle. We assure you, it won't be easy!

Take a closer look at the illustration below and try to find the number carefully hidden amid the colorful confetti. Don't give up! Here's a hint to make it a bit easier - you're looking for an even number.

Optical illusion
Optical illusion© JACKPOTJOY

Solution to the puzzle

How did you fare? If you didn't find the solution, take comfort in the fact that only a few manage to solve this task. Are you among them?

Interestingly, shrinking the picture can help uncover the answer. "The key to cracking this crafty illusion is to make the picture smaller. Suddenly, the hidden number is revealed," explains the company's CEO.

Still can't spot it? Don't worry, it's an incredibly tough puzzle. Below we provide its solution, along with a guide to where the elusive number is found.

The number hidden in the image is 20, found towards the bottom of the illustration. If you wish, attempt to locate the number once again in the image above, or if you're out of patience, simply peek at the picture below.

Solution to the puzzle
Solution to the puzzle© Jackpot Joy
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