Tips&TricksCan you crack the math riddle that stumps 70% of people? Discover the surprising answer!

Can you crack the math riddle that stumps 70% of people? Discover the surprising answer!

Check if you can solve this equation.
Check if you can solve this equation.
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11:56 AM EST, January 6, 2024

Do you already know how to unravel this riddle? Despite 70 percent of people not knowing the correct answer, you may have a suitable solution. You will undoubtedly need a pen and paper to tackle this task. Begin by writing down the entire equation - 10÷2(9-2x2)=?. If you still can't find any clues to decipher this challenge, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Try to recall the school time rules about the order of operations.

The answer may surprise you!

If you'd rather not be part of the 70 percent of people who failed this little quiz, it's advisable to think thoroughly about your solution. Read the task attentively, attempt to solve it, and crosscheck your solution. Even a seemingly straightforward mathematical equation can sometimes deceive you.

If you need a hint, kick off by resolving the operations within the bracket. Then, for simplicity, maintain the obtained result within the bracket and focus initially on the division. The task might now seem ridiculously straightforward. However, the key is to follow the correct order of operations strictly. Anyone who overlooked this school lesson might find this riddle challenging!

Have you figured out the correct solution to the equation?

While the solution may appear simple, it's not quite so evident. Remember, this is not a timed puzzle. As you try to solve it, take the time to consider the sequence of your operations. Don't despair in case of any setbacks! Even the most distinguished mathematicians sometimes make errors. Yet, it's worth pursuing these challenges as they are an excellent mental exercise. The correct answer is 25. Did your solution match this? If not, the video below provides a tutorial on correctly computing the equation.

Why is solving puzzles beneficial?

Solving mathematical problems substantially aids in enhancing our memory. These types of riddles enhance concentration and significantly improve brain function. But that's not all! Regular practice solving such problems allows you to learn faster and more effectively. Above all, it provides a creative way to spend your free time and offers a minuscule test of your abilities.

How to solve the equation 10÷2(9-2×2)=?

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