AutosCalifornia Senator rallies for smart speed limit tech in new cars: Trouble or trend?

California Senator rallies for smart speed limit tech in new cars: Trouble or trend?

ISA, which stands for intelligent speed limiter
ISA, which stands for intelligent speed limiter
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7:31 AM EST, January 27, 2024

From 2022 onward, all newly homologated car models in Europe must be equipped with an ISA. The Intelligent Speed Assistant is a system that employs cameras mounted on the front windshield or a GPS module connected to an electronic map, or both, to recognize the speed limit in a particular area. It then alerts the driver when they're exceeding the limit. Additionally, the system can autonomously adjust the speed to adhere to restrictions - although it does allow acceleration when the accelerator pedal is pressed.

Naturally, the ISA system hasn't been universally well received. This is largely due to cases where the speed restrictions displayed don't align with the actual legal limit, resulting in vehicles slowing down below the appropriate speed. Given recent developments, it's not unlikely that Americans may soon get their own firsthand experience with this system.

According to Jalopnik, California's Senator Scott Wiener has proposed that, from 2027 onward, California authorities should mandate the installation of the ISA system in new cars. This system would collaborate with a GPS module and a road sign recognition camera, and allow for exceeding the speed limit by no more than 10 miles per hour. As in Europe, the system proposed by the American senator can be deactivated while driving.

Only time will tell if Americans decide to adopt a system that's already mandated in Europe. Currently, the journalistic community does not have a negative view of the proposal, which could be a promising sign for supporters of such a change.

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