AutosCadillac Optiq: The brand's smallest electric car makes an impressive debut

Cadillac Optiq: The brand's smallest electric car makes an impressive debut

Cadillac Optiq
Cadillac Optiq
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12:12 PM EST, November 18, 2023

Cadillac's expansion into the electric market continues to gather momentum. Following on from the Lyriq model the Escalade IQ, and the Celestiq, they have now introduced the Optiq, the smallest model in the lineup.

Given its smaller size (although not small) and potentially lower price point, the Optiq is poised to be a cornerstone in Cadillac's electric lineup. Its noteworthy design may also contribute to its potential popularity.

The design strikes a resonant chord between modernity and elegance, featuring appealing proportions highlighted by a high window line and grille. Based on GM's Ultium electric platform, the Optiq incorporates solutions derived from the Chevrolet Equinox EV.

While Cadillac remains tight-lipped about the precise specifications, educated guesses suggest the maximum range might be somewhere around 300 miles. The power range is expected to be between 134 and 185 horsepower, contingent on the model.

Cadillac Optiq
Cadillac Optiq© Press materials

We look forward to uncovering more details next year. However, it is clear that the American market is poised to receive an exciting proposition in the electric SUV category.

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