AutosBusting seatbelt myths: Your buckle can break windows and save your life in a crash

Busting seatbelt myths: Your buckle can break windows and save your life in a crash

Seat belt buckle
Seat belt buckle
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12:04 PM EST, January 25, 2024

Seatbelts can indeed be lifesaving, particularly during situations where one needs to get out of the vehicle. It's vital to understand how and when to use them correctly.

Often, after an accident, the car doors may be so damaged that opening them from the inside can be impossible. Under such circumstances, it is easier to open the door from the outside, providing a solid support point. Sometimes, with help from others, it can be possible to forcefully remove such doors. Firefighters frequently adopt this approach, as they don't always need equipment to cut through a vehicle's body.

However, there are times when escaping quickly from the car is vital for safety. This can be when the car starts burning, releasing harmful fumes, when the vehicle is in a precarious position of being hit again, or, for instance, when it has toppled into the water. In all such scenarios, seatbelts can be a lifesaver.

So, how does one get out of a car using a seatbelt? The crucial component is the so-called buckle, commonly referred to by car manufacturers as a loop. This is the metal part that we insert into the lock or 'hitch socket' as it's often called. This buckle is a sturdy piece made of thick steel sheet and is also comfortable to hold.

With the buckle, you can break a side window when needed to escape from a vehicle. Naturally, a hammer - like ones found in buses - is more appropriate, but usually no other tool is more handy than the seatbelt buckle. This is worth noting for those unforeseen situations that we all hope not to face.

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