Tips&TricksBurgundy nails: The chic winter manicure trend winning hearts online

Burgundy nails: The chic winter manicure trend winning hearts online

This nail polish is a real hit.
This nail polish is a real hit.
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9:43 PM EST, December 18, 2023

While there are countless nail polish choices with shelves groaning under their weight, trends can be unforgiving, particularly in nail fashion. The burgundy color is a complete hit right now, and it will look elegant during the holiday and New Year's Eve celebrations.

Which nail polish should you choose?

Many women face this dilemma, especially if they've already tried every possible shade, effect, or decoration for their nails. The decision about choosing the right nail polish can seem daunting, as if the choice is forever. Few people choose a strong shade of red wine mixed with black or brown, i.e., "black cherry," which has won many hearts this season.

If you typically lean towards a classic red every winter, why not try something equally sophisticated? The color black cherry could be an effective replacement, appearing as an even more noble choice. Particularly during the holiday season, it will look magnificent amidst the pervasive snowflake, gingerbread, and candy cane decorations on your nails.

Burgundy nail polish

It's also noteworthy that renowned cosmetic brands and fashion houses have released beautiful shades of burgundy. Thus, the options are limitless. If you favor bold and dark colors, this nail polish can be worn plainly without any embellishments, ensuring your hands look luxurious, even if you've done your manicure at home. Many social media influencers endorse this option:

If black cherry alone feels lacking, try blending it with gold. A small accent like a pattern, foil, or even glitter could add some shimmer. This is an excellent option for holiday nails, so don't hesitate. If you're uneasy about this effect, experiment with different finishes, such as matte or velvet, which aren't common picks.

Burgundy can also appeal to those who favor delicate nails. Simply pair it with a favorite nude nail polish. In this context, the red wine shade serves as a perfect colorful accent for a French manicure or dots, resulting in a minimalist yet trendy nail look.

On the other hand, if you prefer short nails and find burgundy appealing, don't shy away from trying this color. A short black cherry manicure can look very rich and aesthetic.

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