NewsBurger from McDonald's with an unpleasant surprise. Man could have lost his teeth

Burger from McDonald's with an unpleasant surprise. Man could have lost his teeth

The man found a metal rod in the burger.
The man found a metal rod in the burger.
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10:47 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

The quality of McDonald's offerings is debatable, something every customer of the popular fast food chain knows. But what happened to one man who ordered a burger was shocking. The incident was reported by the ''Daily Mail'', based on the account of the injured man's girlfriend. Without the pictures, it would be hard to believe.

Legends circulate about the food you can buy at McDonald's. Still, there is no shortage of daredevils who happily visit fast food chain restaurants and eagerly eat what's on the menu without a grimace.

One could say that customers at fast food restaurants know what they're eating and consciously make the decision to purchase. But there are also shocking surprises.

A certain man, who ordered a burger at McDonald's, found this out for himself. His story was described today (October 5th) by the "Daily Mail" portal, using the account of the victim's girlfriend posted on social media.

A McDonald's customer bit into a burger and felt something hard. He couldn't believe his own eyes when he checked what - besides meat and toppings - was in the bun.

A man found a sizable, several-centimeter-long metal rod in his burger. It's not hard to imagine how this meal could have ended.

"Surprising response from McDonald's employees"

The shocked man went to the McDonald's staff and showed them what he found in his burger.

As it turned out, the employees were not very surprised by the whole situation. They explained to the customer that he had encountered a piece of a thermometer that had gotten lost. Apparently, they had been looking for it all day.

The fast food chain employees decided to compensate the man for the situation by preparing new burgers for him. The customer initially agreed, but then decided he had lost his appetite. At that point, they offered him a refund, specifically 15 dollars. The man stated that this was a satisfactory proposal.

Judging by the comments posted online, not all Internet users agree with this.

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