AutosBumper plug. Everyone should know what it's used for

Bumper plug. Everyone should know what it's used for

The cap should be removed when the car needs to be towed.
The cap should be removed when the car needs to be towed.
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9:52 AM EDT, October 24, 2023

Bumper caps are an element that can be found in almost every car. However, many of us would prefer not to have to use the components hidden underneath them. Of course, unless someone who needs our help on the road is found.

These caps can be located on both the front and rear bumpers. Their shape can vary - it is usually a small, round, or square component. Everything depends on the specific car model. Under the cap, there is a thread into which the towing eye is screwed in. This eye is part of a tool kit provided by the car manufacturer. Thanks to this, we have the possibility of safe and proper securing of the towing rope or a rope that allows the vehicle to be pulled onto a flatbed.

To access the thread, you need to gently pry open the cap. This can be done using a flathead screwdriver or a car key tip, which we insert into the carved-out place. The cap is usually secured with a plastic strip so it doesn't get lost after opening. When screwing in the towing eye, remember to tighten it firmly.

The ear is part of the car's equipment.
The ear is part of the car's equipment.© WP | Mariusz Zmysłowski

Towing eyes can come in different lengths. Whether they are shorter or longer depends on the design of a particular car, as the thread is inserted into the beam. Some car manufacturers, instead of using a plug and thread for the eye, "integrate" it directly with the beam and place it in a visible place.

Although for people who are interested in motorization, this information may seem obvious, for those who use a car just as a means of transport, this could be news. Even if the information on how to use a tow hook is in the car's operating manual, it's good to know it by heart. It is better to know in advance where and what to look for, rather than waste time flipping through manual pages in an emergency situation.

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