Tips&TricksBudget-friendly trick: Your food cupboard holds the secret to glossy and resilient hair

Budget-friendly trick: Your food cupboard holds the secret to glossy and resilient hair

Applying a hair mask.
Applying a hair mask.
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8:14 PM EST, December 27, 2023

Hair growth is determined by our genetic makeup, so our hair doesn't always look as we'd like. Thick, dense, and lustrous strands are a rarity, which is why many women resort to beauty treatments to tame unruly hair. Regrettably, these treatments can be quite expensive and may not fit everyone's budget. A feasible alternative is a home treatment that seals the hair cuticle - we introduce the mayo mask. Instructions on how to create this haircare miracle are provided below.

The mayo hair mask

Applying mayonnaise on your hair is not as outrageous as it sounds! This popular salad ingredient boasts egg yolks, a component in many store-bought masks. Mayonnaise is deemed a PEH conditioner, abundant in proteins, emollients, and humectants. Besides the main component, it possesses several other products that are beneficial for your hair. Canola oil imparts shine, resilience, and protection from damage and UV rays. Sugar hydrates, while vinegar adds shine and softness.

This mask is suitable for all hair types. However, if your hair is brittle with dry ends, we guarantee noticeable improvement after using this mask. The only contraindication is for thin hair. Due to its rich formulation, this mask might weigh down your hair after drying. In this case, you should only use half of the recommended mayo portion stated in the recipe below.

Creating a mayo hair mask

You require just two items: your preferred hair mask from the drugstore and a jar of mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients in a 2:1 ratio (for instance, two tablespoons of the mask and one tablespoon of mayo). Start applying the mixture to your hair. Ensure you avoid the scalp, rather focusing on the ends that fall below the ears. The mayo mask should remain on your head for 20 to 40 minutes.

After the specified duration, step into the shower and thoroughly cleanse your scalp with shampoo. Then apply a mask to the lengths to dissolve any remaining oil. Leave it on for approximately five minutes, then rinse off any residue. You can dry your hair using a blow dryer or allow it to naturally air dry. Once combed, your hair should look soft, shiny, and resilient. You can perform this treatment once a week to sustain the results.

How to apply a hair mask?
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