NewsBucks in transition: The sudden end of Griffin's reign

Bucks in transition: The sudden end of Griffin's reign

HOUSTON, TEXAS - JANUARY 06: Milwaukee Bucks head coach Adrian Griffin reacts in the second half against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center on January 06, 2024 in Houston, Texas.
HOUSTON, TEXAS - JANUARY 06: Milwaukee Bucks head coach Adrian Griffin reacts in the second half against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center on January 06, 2024 in Houston, Texas.
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9:49 AM EST, January 24, 2024, updated: 7:15 AM EST, February 1, 2024

The Milwaukee Bucks have significantly changed their coaching staff by firing head coach Adrian Griffin after just 43 games. Despite a commendable start to the season with a record of 30-13, placing them second in the Eastern Conference, the decision to let Griffin go was unexpected. Jon Horst, the Bucks' general manager, announced the decision, stating, "This was a difficult decision to make during the season," and acknowledged Griffin's contributions to the team.

Interim leadership

After Griffin's departure, assistant coach Joe Prunty will be the interim head coach. The Bucks are reportedly negotiating with veteran NBA coach Doc Rivers to take over the role. Rivers has recently been working as an informal consultant to Griffin at the Bucks' request. If negotiations with Rivers do not materialize, Golden State Warriors assistant Kenny Atkinson is also being considered for the position.

Griffin's dismissal comes in the middle of his first season as an NBA head coach. Before his head coaching role with the Bucks, Griffin had accumulated 15 seasons of experience as an assistant coach with various teams, including the Chicago Bulls, Orlando Magic, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Toronto Raptors. He was hired by the Bucks to replace Mike Budenholzer, who was fired after a first-round playoff exit. Under Griffin's leadership, the team underwent significant roster changes, including acquiring seven-time All-Star guard Damian Lillard to play alongside two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. The team's performance was strong, but they lagged defensively, which may have contributed to the decision to seek a new direction.

The Bucks' decision to fire Griffin despite a strong start to the season reflects the high stakes and dynamic nature of coaching in the NBA, where even a solid record can be overshadowed by other factors deemed crucial for long-term success. The team's next steps and choice for a new head coach will be closely watched as they aim to maintain their momentum in the Eastern Conference.

Team dynamics and fan reaction

The decision to fire Griffin has certainly sent ripples through the team's dynamics and among the Bucks' fanbase. With the team performing well offensively but struggling defensively, there's speculation about whether this coaching change could steer them towards a more balanced approach. Fans and analysts are debating this decision's impact on the team's chemistry, especially considering the successful integration of new players like Damian Lillard into the lineup. The coming games under interim coach Joe Prunty will be crucial in setting the tone for the remainder of the season and may influence the final decision on the permanent head coach.

Next Moves

As the Bucks navigate through this transitional phase, the focus now shifts to their strategy moving forward. The potential hiring of a coach like Doc Rivers, known for his strategic insight and experience, could signal a new direction for the team. Meanwhile, the team's performance under interim coach Prunty will be scrutinized as it may influence the decision-making process for the permanent head coaching position. The coming weeks are critical for the Bucks as they balance maintaining their strong position in the league while adjusting to a significant change in their leadership.


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