EntertainmentBubble Baba Challenge halted: Russian authorities shut down quirky race

Bubble Baba Challenge halted: Russian authorities shut down quirky race

Erotic doll rafting event canceled? Russian authorities criticize
Erotic doll rafting event canceled? Russian authorities criticize
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9:38 AM EDT, June 14, 2024

In Russia, a rather unusual tradition has been practiced for over 20 years. Every June, the Bubble Baba Challenge is organized. Participants bring an inflatable sex doll and race with it in a river. This year's event, however, will not take place. The Russian authorities have firmly said "no."

Bubble Baba Challenge is an annual event held in the Vuoksi River in Russia. During the race, participants use inflatable sex dolls to keep them afloat. The first edition of the event took place in 2003. In 2011, the race saw as many as 800 participants. Both men and women can participate, but they must be at least 16 years old and pass a mandatory alcohol test.

Bubble Baba Challenge canceled?

Unfortunately, not every year did the Russian authorities allow the event to be held. In 2012, they banned the float due to "dangerously high water levels" caused by ongoing repairs. The aim was to repair roads and railroad bridges downstream. The organizers of the unusual float questioned the authorities' decision, claiming that the ban was implemented merely due to nationwide suppression of mass gatherings.

Russian authorities critical of the event?

A similar situation is occurring this year. The Russian authorities are critical of the event's organization. The event's creator, Dmitry Bulavinov, revealed that he submitted a request to hold the event early this spring. Still, the response from the Interior Ministry delegation in the Priozersky District in Leningrad Oblast was negative.

The authorities do not support this unusual activity. The letter states, "Organizing such an event receives significant negative public feedback, and thus the Interior Ministry strongly recommends not holding it." In a comment to a local portal, the event's initiator noted, "Although a strong recommendation does not mean an outright ban, organizing the event with such an attitude from the authorities would be at least imprudent."

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