NewsBrutal attack in Gaza. They held a conference in the ruins, among the corpses

Brutal attack in Gaza. They held a conference in the ruins, among the corpses

Gaza Health Resort conducted a conference in the ruins of a hospital.
Gaza Health Resort conducted a conference in the ruins of a hospital.
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6:11 AM EDT, October 18, 2023

A rocket fell on a hospital in the center of Gaza, the explosion of which could have killed over 500 people. The health ministry of the region held a press conference in the ruins of the building. Around the officials lay the bodies of the victims. Hamas accuses Israel of the attack.

On Tuesday, a rocket fell on a hospital in downtown Gaza. The explosion destroyed the building, reportedly killing over 500 people. Hamas and Hezbollah accuse Israel of the attack. On the other hand, the other side claims the missile was fired by the Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad.

The Gaza Health Ministry held a press conference in the rubble of a building. Two men sitting in front of the lectern are holding the bodies of children in their arms. The bodies of other victims are scattered around.

- We operated all day and I made the decision to sleep in the hospital. In the evening, after one surgery, I heard the sound of an explosion. I went outside and saw stacks of children's bodies. Body parts and corpses were everywhere in the rooms in the hospital - one of the doctors recounted.

- There are hundreds of killed and injured. I've never seen anything like this in my life, in movies or in my imagination - said one of the representatives of the health department.

Israel removes recording

Israel on portal X (formerly Twitter) denied that its missile fell on a hospital and blamed the attack on the Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad. Initially, there was a recording in the post, but it was removed.

The film was supposed to show the moment when a rocket was to be launched by the Palestinians. However, as analysts indicate, the shelling shown in the recording was conducted about 40 minutes after the first reports of an explosion in the hospital.

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