NewsBrutal action by the police from Israel. The fighter could not escape

Brutal action by the police from Israel. The fighter could not escape

Police brutally dealt with a Hamas fighter who tried to escape by car.
Police brutally dealt with a Hamas fighter who tried to escape by car.
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4:33 PM EDT, October 9, 2023

Israeli services have been working at the highest levels since Saturday when Hamas attacked the country and started an open war. The police respond decisively, like on one of the routes, where a Hamas member was shot on the spot. The number of victims on both sides, mostly civilians, is steadily increasing.

Israeli services - police, military, special forces, and intelligence - have been working at full throttle since Saturday to ensure the safety of citizens. Hundreds of Hamas fighters have infiltrated the country, who brutally struck Israel on Saturday morning. The securing of areas around the Gaza Strip and the capture of fighters is underway.

Police brutally dealt with one of them when he tried to escape by car from the authorities. Both a squad car and a motorbike officer joined the chase. What we see from his service camera seems more like a scene from a computer game, not authentic footage. On the contrary, the situation in Israel is indeed severe.

In the video we see that the fleeing Hamas member was shot on the spot. The pursuit ends the moment when the motorcycle officer fires several shots in his direction, and the car crashes into the barriers.

Other officers immediately catch up to him and fire a series of shots that proved fatal for the fighter. There is no talk of warning shots or calls to surrender. Police eliminate the enemy without any mercy.

Note, we warn that the recording is very brutal.

What is the current balance of battles that have been going on in Israel and the Gaza Strip since Saturday? According to Israeli authorities, about 900 people have died and approximately 2,300 have been injured due to attacks from Hamas. On the other hand, according to Palestinian authorities, 560 Palestinians have died and around 2,900 have been injured in Israel's retaliatory attacks.

The attacks began in the morning on Saturday, October 7. According to the spokesperson for the armed forces (IDF), about a thousand Hamas fighters crossed the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel and began a massacre of the civilian population.

Everything happened in at least 14 Israeli cities and small communities. Hamas fighters entered houses and apartments, ruthlessly killing men, women, and children. The largest massacre took place in the desert, where almost 300 young people having fun at the "Nature Party" music festival were murdered.

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