LifestyleBritish woman's unswerving love for lip augmentations defies online criticism

British woman's unswerving love for lip augmentations defies online criticism

The 25-year-old is addicted to plastic surgery.
The 25-year-old is addicted to plastic surgery.
Images source: © Instagram | sofia.lipsx

3:56 AM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:34 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The British woman, obsessive over her lip enhancements, faces accusations from netizens of using beauty-enhancing filters on TikTok. However, she insists her augmented lips are genuinely hers, a result of countless procedures, and credits her addiction to aesthetic medicine.

British woman's obsession with fillers: "I love my lips"

Sofia claims that she has had her lips enlarged 100 times. Notably, Andrea Ivanova, also recognized for her extensive use of aesthetic medicine on social media, had previously admitted to receiving over 30 hyaluronic acid injections. It raises questions about whether Sofia took inspiration from Ivanova's appearance. Sofia has further plans, which include modeling her cheekbones. Despite online warnings from medical experts regarding the dangers of undergoing such a high number of procedures, the woman proves undeterred. She also dismisses the advice of netizens who suggest her to look into the aftermath experienced by women who went under similar procedures.

"I have the biggest lips in the world. I love them," she admits in one of her recordings.

Netizens distraught over Sofia's procedures

By sharing her experiences online, the British woman encounters a wave of public animosity. Many voice their concerns, pointing out that Sofia's actions aren't just affecting her appearance but harming her health. Her well-being has become a topic of concern among netizens.

They express their worry: "Are you okay?"; "Darling, it's time to stop"; "Don't do this anymore"; "I fainted, looking at what you've done," they comment.

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