NewsBritish tutor reveals life inside homes of Russia's wealthy elite

British tutor reveals life inside homes of Russia's wealthy elite

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin often shows himself on the stage with the younger generation of Russians, they are an element of Russian propaganda.
Russian dictator Vladimir Putin often shows himself on the stage with the younger generation of Russians, they are an element of Russian propaganda.
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5:04 AM EDT, March 22, 2024

British journalist Cameron Manley found himself amidst the luxury of Moscow's elite while working for an agency that provided private tutoring services. Tasked with educating the children of Russia's rich and powerful, he was astonished by their extravagant lifestyles, which included residences, private jets, and personal chauffeurs - even for teenagers.

Manley began his role as a tutor in late 2021, and his tenure lasted until the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, prompting his company's relocation to Monaco. He has since shared his experiences with Business Insider, emphasizing the stark contrast between the lavishness surrounding his pupils and the lives of ordinary Russians. He described his students as polite yet disconnected from the realities faced by most people.

He recounted an instance with a thirteen-year-old named Alexei, baffled by Manley's lack of a private masseur. Alexei’s attire, which included Balenciaga sneakers valued at $1000 and a watch five times as costly, underscored this disconnect.

Experience of a British tutor with Russian oligarchs' children

Manley distinguished between two categories of parents he met: those who lavished their children with thousands of dollars out of genuine care and those who did so to avoid engaging with them. Regrettably, he noted, many fell into the latter group.

He elaborated on a visit to a seaside villa in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, one of the globe's priciest locales, to teach siblings. Initially asked to wait outside, the children's nanny eventually directed him to seclude himself in a closet until it was time for the lesson, keeping him out of the homeowners' sight.

He disclosed that many classes occurred in Moscow's Rublyovka, a highly secured estate in the capital's west, where even Vladimir Putin owns the property.

Manley observed that many families sought educational placements for their offspring in Western or United Arab Emirates schools amid the war. The fees for these tutoring sessions reached $150 per hour, with the sole prerequisites being a native English accent and an education from British universities.

During his tenure, he discovered he cared for the grandchildren of a prominent Russian politician, who was instrumental in initiating the Ukraine conflict. Although he steered clear of political discussions, the children occasionally expressed viewpoints mirroring the ideologies likely instilled in them at home. One child humorously remarked upon seeing a picture of Vladimir Putin, "Oh, he's amazing!"

Source: Business Insider

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