NewsBritish tourist's dream trip turns into a nightmare. Dolphin attack in the Bolivian river

British tourist's dream trip turns into a nightmare. Dolphin attack in the Bolivian river

Drama of a 28-year-old on vacation. A dolphin attacked her in Bolivia.
Drama of a 28-year-old on vacation. A dolphin attacked her in Bolivia.
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4:57 AM EST, January 11, 2024

The British woman's journey could have had a tragic end. The woman had planned a seven-month expedition across South America, intending to explore one country after another. But her journey ceased in Bolivia. She was swimming in the Santa Rosa de Yacuma river when a pink dolphin bit her right foot. The dolphin retreated and left her alone only after twenty seconds, allowing her to safely escape.

Claire was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she received 32 stitches in her right leg. She described herself as "terrified" upon seeing the partially severed and blood-soaked foot. She does not look back on her hospital stay with fondness.

"I was convinced I was going to lose my foot. My skin was hanging loose, and I could see my bone. The hospital staff? They were very considerate and did everything they could to stitch up my foot, but they did not have medication," - the British woman told The Mirror.

Additional Hospitilization and Rehabilitation

Four days later, Claire's condition took a turn for the worse as her injured foot became infected. The doctors suggested transferring her to La Paz, the Bolivian capital, for further treatment.

Upon returning home, she had a skin graft operation, during which living tissue from her groin was transplanted into her foot. She is now recuperating from her traumatic ordeal.

"I used to love wild swimming, and I hope one day to get back to it. But I am quite sure I will never swim with dolphins again. Something that should have been a powerful moment has altered my life permanently. It is extremely uncommon for dolphins to attack humans, and I never anticipated it happening to me," - says the 28-year-old.
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