SportsBritish MMA fighter's jaw-dropping high kick goes viral

British MMA fighter's jaw‑dropping high kick goes viral

Kendry McIntyre knocks out Katarina Legorrete
Kendry McIntyre knocks out Katarina Legorrete
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2:58 PM EDT, April 27, 2024

Social media was abuzz with a clip from the LFA 182 gala in South Dakota. Kendra McIntyre impressed everyone with a spectacular high kick in her fight against Katarina Legorreta, who fell to the canvas as if struck by lightning after the thunderous blow.

Kendra McIntyre, a 28-year-old Brit making her mark in professional MMA, has participated in four professional matches, securing three wins and suffering one loss. McIntyre competes in the strawweight division.

Her latest challenge was at the LFA 182 gala in South Dakota on Friday, April 26th. Her opponent, Katarina Legorreta, entered the ring after two previous victories but left tasting the bitterness of a professional defeat for the first time.

By the third round of the match, McIntyre began to dominate decisively. Her opponent, worn out and defenceless against the attacks, found no respite. The 28-year-old Brit capitalized on this, landing an acrobatic high kick directly on Legorreta's face.

The devastating blow sent Legorreta crashing to the mat, prompting the nearby referee to halt the fight immediately. Medics rushed to the octagon to assist the knocked-out fighter moments later.

The video capturing the dramatic conclusion of the fight went viral, amassing over 600,000 views on platform X in just 10 hours. McIntyre's exceptional skill left netizens in awe.

Having turned professional in March of the previous year, McIntyre undoubtedly aims to sign with one of the top federations. Spectacular moves like these will surely aid in achieving her aspirations.

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