NewsBritish Intelligence exposes Russian strategy to suppress protests

British Intelligence exposes Russian strategy to suppress protests

This is how the Russians silence protests. The British reveal.
This is how the Russians silence protests. The British reveal.
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6:31 AM EST, December 3, 2023

British intelligence has disclosed that Russia is compensating the relatives of conscripted soldiers, incentivizing them to refrain from protesting against the Russian army. Following President Vladimir Putin's decree of mobilization, more Russians chose to flee the country rather than serve in the military. Those who didn't manage to escape were enrolled to the army and soon voiced grievances about their living conditions before being dispatched to the front lines.

Conscripts from Russia, positioned on the front lines in Ukraine, frequently face dismissal as mere cannon fodder. As reported by the Institute of War Studies, the Russian military consistently utilizes Storm-Z assault units, predominantly composed of enlisted prisoners, in direct infantry-led attacks.

Russian soldiers often voice complaints regarding their military superiors, criticizing the lack of basic equipment and food supplies. A few weeks ago, in a unique declaration, army members disclosed that only a small fraction of their original group remains.

The conscripted soldiers' wives and female relatives increasingly oppose such conditions. Russian officials are reportedly concerned about familial protests and have been employing different strategies to discourage them.

After observing small-scale protests in Moscow in November 2023, British intelligence has indicated that Russian authorities have taken measures to prevent further similar events.

Per analysts, investigations conducted by non-governmental information sources in Russia, as well as testimonies from protesting wives, suggest that families are presently being offered substantial reparations in exchange for their silence.

On November 27, a group of wives of the conscripted publicized a manifesto opposing the "indefinite mobilization," which was conveniently labeled as a "fake organization" shortly afterward by Russian authorities.

Intelligence observes that the authorities are showing particular apprehension towards protests from close relatives of soldiers, who were conscripted from September 2022 onwards and have endured over a year on the front lines.
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