TechBritish improvised missile system devastates Russian forces

British improvised missile system devastates Russian forces

Supacat HMT
Supacat HMT
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11:36 AM EDT, May 8, 2024

For the first time, Russian forces successfully destroyed a British anti-aircraft system, the Supacat HMT, which had been supplied to assist the Ukrainian military. This system is particularly valuable to the invaders as it has inflicted significant losses on them despite being an improvised weapon. We delve into the construction and capabilities of the Supacat HMT.

Evidence emerging in early 2024 indicates that the Supacat HMT boasts a remarkable 90% success rate in destroying Russian assets. This level of efficacy is noteworthy, especially considering the system was developed over just a few months. British engineers modified components from Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft to fit onto the chassis of a Supacat HMT truck.

Russians destroyed the Supacat HMT anti-aircraft system

Social media footage has revealed the British-supplied equipment being targeted by Russian forces, quickly erupting in flames, likely due to an ammunition explosion within the launcher.

The Supacat HMT launcher incorporates a pair of pylons from the Eurofighter Typhoon. It is equipped to fire ASRAAM (Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile) missiles. These missiles utilize advanced infrared-guided warheads capable of capturing comprehensive thermal images of targets, thus reducing susceptibility to enemy countermeasures like flares.

The missiles are relatively lightweight, weighing just under 198 lbs, and their warheads are about 22 lbs. Upon launch, they can attain speeds of up to 3.5 Ma (over 2485 mph).

Given its improvised nature, precise technical specifications for the Supacat HMT are challenging. Nonetheless, it is classified among short-range air defense systems, capable of engaging enemy targets up to approximately 12 miles away. Its high effectiveness supports the Ukrainian military, complementing other, more complex anti-aircraft systems against Russian assaults.

In recent months, Ukraine has vocalized its pressing need for more ammunition and anti-aircraft systems. Consequently, there is speculation that the Russians might prioritize targeting such weapons to weaken Ukraine’s defense capabilities further. In response, NATO allies, including Germany, have pledged to provide additional support by sourcing Patriots and ammunition for Ukraine on a global scale.

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