NewsBritish Government takes on illegal immigration: "A rising wave of lawsuits"

British Government takes on illegal immigration: "A rising wave of lawsuits"

Is Prime Minister Sunak fighting for survival? There was uproar in the Islands over the law allowing for deportations to Rwanda.
Is Prime Minister Sunak fighting for survival? There was uproar in the Islands over the law allowing for deportations to Rwanda.
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1:44 PM EST, December 10, 2023

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has called upon the opposition to support a controversial bill that aims to deport illegal immigrants to Rwanda. The consequences of the heated debate surrounding this bill could impact the future role of the Prime Minister, with many assessing his fate could hinge on the bill's success.

As documented by "Sunday Express", the House of Commons will cast the first vote on the proposal this Tuesday, which, if passed, will sanction the deportation of illegal immigrants to Rwanda.

According to the bill, Rwanda is deemed a safe third country. This classification opens legal loopholes that could allow certain provisions of the British Human Rights Act to be waived in asylum cases.

Conservative rifts: A bad omen

Unrest is brewing within the Prime Minister's party, the Conservatives. One faction, mostly consisting of right-wing members, is pressing for the bill to include a provision that provides for disregarding the clauses of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Critics of the bill within the Conservative Party argue that it is flawed, suggesting that the European Court of Human Rights would still retain the power to block the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Robert Jenrick openly articulated these concerns on Sunday. He recently relinquished his role as deputy minister for immigration due to his dissatisfaction with the proposed bill.

"I do not believe this project will work. I fear it will spawn a host of legal claims that will clog our system and fail to create the deterrent that both Prime Minister Sunak and I had envisioned," he said.

Deterrent or diversion?

The British government is championing the potential for swift deportation to Rwanda as a method to deter more individuals from illegally entering the UK.

Under the proposed agreement with Rwanda, all illegal immigrants could be deported to this country, regardless of their nationality. Asylum applications would then be processed in Rwanda, and if approved, claimants would be granted asylum – but in Rwanda, not the UK.

Curtailing illegal immigration and drastic reductions in legal immigration are critical to the Conservatives' campaign strategy. With record-high immigration levels and the imminent elections, the Conservatives are under increased pressure to deliver on their promises. However, a faction within the party harbors doubts about Prime Minister Sunak's competence to accomplish these goals.

As reported by the "Mail on Sunday", a group of Sunak's critics is even contemplating the idea of replacing him before the election with ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who currently is not even a member of parliament.

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