NewsBritish Embassy debunks claims of King Charles III's death by Russian media

British Embassy debunks claims of King Charles III's death by Russian media

King Charles III
King Charles III
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11:55 AM EDT, March 19, 2024

The British Embassy in Moscow on Monday refuted false claims circulated by Russian media that King Charles III had passed away on Sunday due to complications related to cancer.
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**Caution! Reports from Russian and Belarusian state media may often be misleading. These reports could be a tactic in an information warfare strategy by the Russian Federation.**
Numerous Russian news outlets and related social media profiles, relying on anonymous "media sources," reported the purported demise of the 75-year-old monarch on Monday.
**Misinformation spread by Russians about the British monarch**
On social media, these sources circulated a statement designed to mimic an official announcement from Buckingham Palace, falsely claiming the sudden death of the king on Sunday afternoon.
In response, the [British Embassy in Moscow](,7004118553831553a) shared a message on the platform X against a red backdrop in bold letters stating: **"Reports of the death of the King of Great Britain, Charles, are FALSE!"**
The British Embassy in Ukraine echoed this clarification with a similar announcement.
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