LifestyleBritish 'ear nurse' gains TikTok fame with simple yet effective trick to beat in-flight earache

British 'ear nurse' gains TikTok fame with simple yet effective trick to beat in‑flight earache

The TikToker revealed a brilliant trick.
The TikToker revealed a brilliant trick.
Images source: © @the_ear_nurse, TikTok

7:47 AM EST, January 12, 2024

The famous TikTok nurse, known as @the_ear_nurse, recently shared a simple yet effective trick for airplane travelers.

Plagued by blocked ears on a plane? Try this solution

Due to pressure changes, many air travelers experience ear pain during takeoff and landing. Chewing gum or yawning can help somewhat, but these remedies aren't always sufficient.

The TikToker has introduced another method, involving two cups and paper towels soaked in hot water.

Charlotte Stanley, the nurse, demonstrated the unique trick on herself onboard a flight. She placed wet towels in cups, which she then positioned over her ears. This technique, she says, helps to stabilize ear pressure.

"Ear pain during a flight is the worst. I have a simple solution," she says. "Request two plastic cups with hot, damp paper towels from the stewardess. Trust me, they will know exactly what you need," she assures viewers.

Stanley explains that placing the cups on your ears creates an airtight seal, with the steam inside helping to stabilize the pressure in the ear.

"It's all about pressure. When the plane rapidly ascends or descends, the pressure changes so quickly that the Eustachian tube often can't keep up," explains Stanley.

Stanley confirms that this technique can be applied by adults and children alike.

An effective remedy for in-flight ear blockages

Charlotte's video has been played over 850,000 times. Many viewers have expressed gratitude for her advice and confirmed its effectiveness.

"If I ever have to fly while unwell, I'll use this method. It's happened twice that I've flown while sick, and each time I almost went deaf," one user commented.

Another added, "This definitely works; a flight attendant taught us this when my six-year-old had problems on a flight years ago!"
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