FoodBritish chef reveals secret to perfect fried eggs: Room temperature matters

British chef reveals secret to perfect fried eggs: Room temperature matters

How to prepare perfect fried eggs? The chef points out a mistake.
How to prepare perfect fried eggs? The chef points out a mistake.
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11:58 AM EDT, May 4, 2024

How do you prepare the perfect fried eggs? An experienced British chef has shared his wisdom on the matter, pointing out a crucial detail many of us overlook in our morning haste, which keeps our fried eggs from being as flawless as they could be.

Robert Irvine is a renowned British chef who has reached celebrity status in the UK and beyond, much like Gordon Ramsay. Known for his culinary expertise, Irvine has graced several Food Network shows, and his rise to fame peaked with the launch of his talk show, The Robert Irvine Show.

Engaging with his fans on social media, Irvine occasionally shares practical cooking tips. Notably, he once revealed the secret to preparing perfect fried eggs: It hinges, among other factors, on the temperature of the eggs.

Chef advises: perfect fried eggs

Fried eggs, a common breakfast choice, are often made in a rush. However, in this haste, we commit a fundamental mistake—failing to let eggs reach room temperature after taking them out of the fridge.

As noted by Robert Irvine, cooking cold eggs frequently leads to uneven cooking and burnt edges. Therefore, before placing the eggs in the pan (Irvine prefers using a generous amount of fat and even bastes the yolks with it, as demonstrated in his videos), allow them to warm up slightly—a step you're bound to appreciate.

Chef answers

This cooking philosophy piqued the interest of a Twitter user, who inquired whether only fried eggs need to be at room temperature or if this guideline applied to all eggs. Irvine clarified without hesitation that not only eggs but all fried items should ideally be brought to room temperature before cooking.

Such a simple yet ingenious tip!

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