LifestyleBringing sparkle back: Lipgloss nails become the latest trend in the beauty industry

Bringing sparkle back: Lipgloss nails become the latest trend in the beauty industry

Lipgloss nails, a compromise between naturalness and shine
Lipgloss nails, a compromise between naturalness and shine Instagram/m.o.n.a.j
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6:08 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:42 AM EST, March 7, 2024

As little girls, we would gaze at our mother's beautiful manicure, wanting to apply some similar "magic" to our tiny nails. However, intense colors were out of the question. Our only option was a clear, shiny polish, preferably with glitter specks that shone like diamonds in the sunlight. Today, this kind of polish makes a resurgence in the beauty industry, operating under the slogan "lipgloss nails".

Trend alert: Naturalness is key

When we think we've tried every possible shade of red, painted every conceivable flower, and reimagined the classic French manicure using black, creative manicurists come up with another fresh variation. This time, the spotlight is on nails inspired by lip gloss. Along with trends for "wet" skin and prevailing glamor in fashion, manicures are also choosing to embrace gloss.

Even though the fashionable "lipgloss nails" shine and interact with sunlight uniquely, they remain natural, subtle, and delicate. They give off a girlish charm along with a gentle allure. Moreover, they are versatile and serve well for daily wear as well as for grand events.

Clear, flesh-colored, or pink? It's all about the shine

The trendy polish with glitter specks adopts a clear formula, flesh hues, and also a faint, whitened pink. The more natural, the better. It's a fantastic alternative for fans of short nails, as well as enthusiasts of long, perfectly filed almond or coffin-shaped nails which were popular last year.

The most fashionable varnish texture provides a beautiful backdrop for jewelry, creating an enchanting effect. It's so versatile that it works well with jeans and also with spectacular dresses.

Go the easy route

The latest manicure trend provides another advantage. Instead of working with two or three different varnishes, you can start from the ground up using a single transparent product enriched with glitter specks. Having just 10 minutes of free time and two coats of varnish are enough to have the current most trendy manicure.

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