LifestyleBreak tradition in 2024 with 'French Illusion': the bold new trend in nail styling

Break tradition in 2024 with 'French Illusion': the bold new trend in nail styling

French illusion is a new trend in nail styling.
French illusion is a new trend in nail styling.
Images source: © Getty Images | Marko Ristic
9:22 AM EST, January 30, 2024

The traditional French manicure style indeed dominated the year 2023. Neglected for quite several years, it experienced a dramatic resurgence in popularity among fans of minimalism who fell in love with its subtle pink and white tips. Nonetheless, variations on the French style also emerged as trends - in spring and summer, salons frequented by women started adopting pastel and neon stripes, while in autumn and winter, they shifted towards red, brown, and black tips.

What kind of styling will be trendy in 2024? An utterly wild twist on the French manicure has surfaced, which maximalists will likely adore. We're talking about nails that mimic an optical illusion. They grab attention and subsequently hypnotize. Are you equipped to experiment with the French illusion?

When is the best time to try the new nail styling?

This new nail styling is ideally suited for women who enjoy standing out. The French illusion, undoubtedly, turns heads. Carnival might be a great time to venture out with it. Additionally, it could be worth considering the French illusion for special occasions, such as a wedding reception. The manicure could serve as a fashionable complement to a simple outfit.

What does the French illusion entail?

What might this style look like? Several shades of the same color are used to create a gradient effect. The color choice is up to you. The lighter parts are intended to create the illusion of light falling on the nails. Conversely, the tips should be contrary to the achieved gradient. Thanks to the softly blurred and naturally transitioning shades, the nails and fingers appear to be optically leaner.

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