LifestyleBrazilian influencer Geovana Pontes alleges drugging and brutal assault by fellow social media celebrities

Brazilian influencer Geovana Pontes alleges drugging and brutal assault by fellow social media celebrities

The teenager was brutally beaten.
The teenager was brutally beaten.
Images source: © Instagram | giihpontess_041

8:18 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Geovana Pontes, who currently has almost 250,000 followers on Instagram, is a popular influencer from Brazil. Having been a victim of a horrific incident, she is now seeking justice.

After the tragic party, she posted a photo of her injuries online and also narrated her story to local media.

A horrifying finale to a party for influencers

Geovana stunned her followers when she posted about the horrific incident. She made her injuries public and detailed the brutal assault she was subjected to. Young men who are well-known on social media are allegedly responsible for the incident.

The incident unfolded at a party that occurred at the end of January. What should have been a fun gathering had a horrifying conclusion. Geovana was allegedly administered psychoactive substances and then gang-raped by a group of young influencers.

Allegations of gang rape and assault at the influencer party

Geovana Pontes detailed the incident of her assault and rape in an interview with local media outlets.

In her account, she mentioned that she was drugged while at the party with internet celebrities. She was then forced into having sex with at least three young men. Another woman, who also claims to have been assaulted, was with her.

"I was defenseless. I didn't know what was happening," she told Record TV.

Geovana alleges that the men locked the door, preventing her and her alleged co-victim from escaping.

"There was no food, there was no signal, there was nothing. I couldn't even escape. No one was entering and no one was leaving the house."

According to the Brazilian newspaper "O Globo", the police are currently investigating the incident. The teenager has filed a complaint with law enforcement for rape, assault and false imprisonment.

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