TechBrazil unveils kamikaze drone. The Middle East's next burgeoning trend?

Brazil unveils kamikaze drone. The Middle East's next burgeoning trend?

The model presented at Dubai Airshow 2023
The model presented at Dubai Airshow 2023
Images source: © Mac Jee Group
6:31 AM EST, November 19, 2023

Brazilian defense company, Mac Jee, recently revealed its prototype kamikaze drone, Anshar, at the Dubai Airshow 2023. Due to the company's chief market being the Middle East and drones' burgeoning role in modern warfare, it's anticipated that we'll hear a lot more about Anshar in the future.

The ongoing conflict instigated by Russia in Ukraine, coupled with the escalating tension between Israel and Hamas, emphasizes the growing significance of kamikaze drones, also termed loitering ammunition. Their deployment both on the front line and behind it has become increasingly commonplace. The notion of a future drone-centric war is gradually becoming incontestable. Subsequent growth and prominence can be expected for companies specializing in such equipment – a prospect that seems to resonate with the Brazilian group, Mac Jee.

What do we understand about Anshar?

As per Mac Jee's communiqué, Anshar aligns well with contemporary warfare strategies and is engineered to flawlessly suit the demands of overseas clients (potentially alluding to Middle Eastern buyers). The technical specifications state that the drone should possess a range of 75 miles and a top speed of 380 mph. It is designed to operate at an altitude ranging between 33 and 26,246 feet above sea level, powered by a one-hour supply. The drone is also capable of carrying a load of up to 44 lbs.

"Anshar is designed to demolish high-value targets cost-effectively, while remaining easy to maintain and operate," explained Mac Jee's Sales Development Director, Mathieu Izquierdo. Curiously, no specific pricing details were provided for Anshar, a name borrowed from the mythological Babylonian god of the horizon.

When can customers expect to purchase Anshar?

Anshar's capabilities demonstration is planned for next year during the World Defense Show, scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia from February 4-8. The product is anticipated to be available on the market in early 2025.

ANSHAR, adaptable kamikaze drone presented by MAC JEE at Dubai AirShow 2023

Anshar is in the advanced stages of development and will be manufactured at the Mac Jee facilities in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The company emphasizes its readiness to embrace modern solutions, such as the integration of AI-based tools in their products.

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