NewsBrave female Israeli soldier caught two terrorists. They couldn't even flinch

Brave female Israeli soldier caught two terrorists. They couldn't even flinch

The Israeli soldier stopped two Hamas fighters by herself.
The Israeli soldier stopped two Hamas fighters by herself.
Images source: © Twitter | @HananyaNaftali

5:41 PM EDT, October 8, 2023

Heavy fighting in southern Israel has been ongoing since Saturday, as the army tries to halt the influx of terrorists from the Gaza Strip and ensure security for Israeli citizens. A recording from the combat zone appeared online, where a brave female soldier stopped two fighters. Both of them were disarmed as they stood no chance against the woman.

On Saturday, October 7, Hamas attacked Israel in an unprecedented manner. The terrorists first shelled the country with rockets, and then broke through to its territory from the Gaza Strip and began murdering civilians and soldiers. The south of Israel is on fire, heavy fighting is ongoing, and the army has moved into the Strip to pacify the fighters and end the chaos.

A big problem for Israelis now are terrorists who are breaking through the border fence and hiding in Israeli towns and small towns around the Gaza Strip. Within a radius of about 50 miles from its border, the army is in control and thoroughly searches the area, catching Hamas fighters. However, they are very cunning.

But two fell into the hands of a brave female soldier from Israel.

A woman tracked down two suspicious individuals at a bus stop, immediately reached for her weapon and ordered them to undress. This is standard procedure, designed to prevent access to a concealed weapon and to facilitate control over attackers. The soldier confidently gave orders and kept the terrorists at gunpoint.

They may have intended to enter Israel, perhaps they wanted to enroll in their organization with a civilian murder, or kidnap someone to the Gaza Strip. They failed. Their mission ended with being caught by a determined soldier of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), now they will go to prison and in due course they will be judged.

If they resisted or did not follow the woman's orders, she would, without hesitation, open fire and neutralize both of the Hamas terrorists.

Hamas attacked Israel, heavy fighting is ongoing

The authorities in Israel approved martial law on Sunday. In response to the Hamas attack, the government decided to "take significant military action" and send the army to take control of the situation in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip and within it. On Saturday evening, the Israeli Security Cabinet made the decision to activate art. 40 of the Basic Law.

This signifies the official commencement of war - conveyed the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Armed Hamas militants invaded 22 locations within Israel's territory, including cities and kibbutzim about 15 miles from the border. In some places, they drove around in pick-ups for hours, shooting at civilians and soldiers. Many people were killed, many were abducted to the Gaza Strip, where they will be held hostage by terrorists.

Israel has announced that it will respond to Palestinian aggression mercilessly. The fighting continues.

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