EntertainmentBrad Pitt regains control of shared vineyard in ongoing legal battle with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt regains control of shared vineyard in ongoing legal battle with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt has a good chance of regaining the French vineyard.
Brad Pitt has a good chance of regaining the French vineyard.
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4:43 PM EST, February 3, 2024, updated: 4:23 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Recent behavior by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie exemplifies how not to end a relationship. Despite once having a seemingly strong union, their relationship deteriorated quickly once they were legally wed. Regrettably, their adopted children have become intertwined in the media maelstrom.

The former couple is in intense conflict over a French vineyard they bought in 2008 for a staggering 500 million dollars. The once captivating location where they pledged their love for one another has become the battleground for their court case. As the legal process continues, subsequent hearings favor the actor famously known for his role as Joe Black.

Brad Pitt bests Angelina Jolie in court

As a symbol of his love, the smitten actor gifted 10 percent of the vineyard's shares to his life partner on their wedding day – effectively dividing ownership between them. Pitt's gesture, symbolic of his boundless love and trust for his soon-to-be-wife, cost only one euro.

Angelina Jolie, who publicly accused the Hollywood icon of psychological and physical abuse, resorted to a calculated move. The 48-year-old actress, prioritizing her interests, stealthily sold her shares to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler. This tactic not only critically hindered her ex-husband's chances of succeeding in court but also marred the reputation of the vineyard's wine due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which coincided with the business transaction.

In a recent hearing at a Luxembourg court, Brad Pitt appealed to reclaim the earlier sold 10% of shares in hopes of overseeing the vineyard's management again. Based on the evidence and arguments presented, the 60-year-old actor's plea to regain control of the vineyard was accepted.

Pitt's shares have been returned to him while pending a final verdict. This is equivalent to a deposit, maintaining the 60/40 division in the meantime - according to a source from Page Six.

The next phase of the court proceeding is scheduled for next year. For now, the actor can take comfort in his current success.

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