LifestyleBra care 101: Wash your bras correctly to extend their lifespan, expert recommends

Bra care 101: Wash your bras correctly to extend their lifespan, expert recommends

Proper washing of a bra will extend its life.
Proper washing of a bra will extend its life.
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2:18 PM EST, February 11, 2024

Good quality bras typically start at around 37 dollars. It's therefore well worth taking proper care of them to ensure the longest possible use. This garment can easily become damaged, particularly when washed incorrectly.

Gentle liquid instead of powder. A big difference is made by changing your detergent

In a conversation with Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop, the bra fitter explained how bras should be washed. The expert emphasized that hand washing is the best option. Delicate elastane fibers found in every bra can become damaged during machine washing. Additionally, machine washing can also cause the straps to stretch and alter the circumference of the bra. This affects not only the bra's appearance but, more importantly, the comfort of wearing it.

The choice of detergent is significant too. Classic powders are not suitable for washing bras as they have bleaching properties that can cause the color to gradually fade. To protect bras, it's best to use a special liquid dedicated to delicate elastane fibers. These preparations are free of sulfates, bleaches, parabens, and SLS. They can be purchased at bra fitting stores throughout Poland.

The washing temperature also matters. The water should not be hotter than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Before washing, remember to fasten the hooks to prevent any accidental damage. Submerge the bras in water and leave them for 15 minutes. Rinsing is not necessary. After soaking, gently squeeze out any excess water.

Wash bags - Essential or unnecessary?

If, for some reason, you must machine wash your bras, it's a good idea to invest in a wash bag. Mesh wash bags work well for soft, underwire-free bras, while stiff bras are best washed in plastic balls. These measures protect the bra from contact with other clothes, thereby preventing the straps and circumference from overstretching. When setting up the machine, select the hand wash cycle and set the temperature to no more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like with hand washing, a gentle detergent free of harsh chemicals should be used. Following these tips will allow your bra to serve you well for years.

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