NewsBosch plans to lay off 1.5k employees at two factories

Bosch plans to lay off 1.5k employees at two factories

Bosch plans to lay off 1.5 thousand people.
Bosch plans to lay off 1.5 thousand people.
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8:20 PM EST, December 10, 2023

German industrial giant, Bosch, has disclosed plans to introduce drastic workforce reductions at its two factories. The company aims to eliminate up to 1.5k jobs, impacting employees in the automotive parts manufacturing division. The redundancies are projected to be concluded by 2025.

The initiative to decrease positions at its two automotive component manufacturing facilities is in response to rapid market alterations and technological advancements in the automotive sector. The company shared this news on a Sunday, according to Reuters.

The first reports concerning this planned workforce reduction were initially featured in Automobilwoche, a trade magazine.

Bosch elaborates on the upcoming layoffs

In a statement provided to Reuters, a Bosch spokesperson noted, "Similar to other businesses, we are compelled to align our employment numbers with varying order situations, evolving changes in the propulsion sector, and the penetration of future technologies."

The spokesperson further added, "We anticipate the need to adjust approximately 1.5k roles in development, administration, and sales in the powertrain division at the Feuerbach and Schwieberdingen factories by the close of 2025," as per the report from Reuters.

To accomplish this goal, Bosch intends to reassign employees to different departments, offer early retirement options, or solicited redundancies. Consultations and discussions concerning the specifics of the impending workforce reduction are currently underway with the works' council.

"The challenges we are facing are significantly more extensive than we originaly anticipated at the start of this year. Despite our desire to preserve employment levels as much as possible through product innovation and comprehensive training, adjustments will be necessary in reflection with the order situations in certain divisions," as the company reported to the agency.

The company also assured its commitment to prevent any mandatory redundancies at its mobile locations in Germany until the end of 2027.

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