AutosBosch may lay off up to 1500 people; Germany to suffer the most

Bosch may lay off up to 1500 people; Germany to suffer the most

One of the Bosch factories
One of the Bosch factories
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10:02 AM EST, December 12, 2023

The automotive industry is grappling with increasingly daunting challenges. Electrification does not come without its tolls, necessitating sacrifices. A pertinent example is the predicament of Bosch, a German multinational organization.

The apprehended downsizing was initially reported by the German weekly "Automobilwoche," as sourced by Reuters. Bosch's representatives subsequently confirmed these speculations. Regrettably, the circumstances are far from optimistic.

"Like other companies, we are compelled to adjust our workforce in accordance with order conditions, sectorial transformations within the driving sector, and market penetration of future technologies," explained the Bosch spokesperson in an interview with "Automotive News Europe."

He elaborated that the company "anticipates a need to alter as many as 1500 positions within developmental, administrative, and sales areas, with the primary impact to be felt in the propulsion departments in the Feuerbach and Schwieberdingen plants."

The aforementioned "alteration" is likely to take the form of employee reassignment to other departments, inducing early retirement, or voluntary layoffs.

Simultaneously, the company assures it will eschew mandatory layoffs until at least 2027. What comes after this remains uncertain; only time will reveal...

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