LifestyleBoosting your orchid's health: Discover the unexpected benefits of beer as fertilizer

Boosting your orchid's health: Discover the unexpected benefits of beer as fertilizer

How to care for an orchid?
How to care for an orchid?
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5:18 AM EST, February 8, 2024, updated: 3:57 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Regardless of how it's named, the orchid is distinguishable by its creamy or pink flowers that beautifully enhance interior decor. Despite its frequent purchase, not every owner understands how to care for it properly. Regular watering isn't sufficient for its upkeep. A simple and inexpensive addition of fertilizer can encourage your orchid to bloom magnificent flowers in response.

How should you water orchids?

Determining how to choose a healthy orchid is the first step. Choose one with plenty of healthy buds that won't be wilting or drying up. If they are, the orchid will likely deteriorate quickly and not bloom, regardless of your efforts.

The third significant factor to consider is the leaves, which should be green. Discolorations are indicative of a plant in poor health or beginning to fail.

On occasion, despite regular watering, an orchid may struggle to thrive. In these instances, homemade fertilizer, primarily composed of low-alcohol, light beer, can be beneficial. This can help renew your orchid and accelerate the growth of new buds, allowing them to bloom profusely.

Can beer be an orchid's lifesaver?

When watering an orchid with beer, the imperative rule is to choose one without flavors, which often contain harmful dyes and sweeteners. The beer must be left to degas for several hours before use. Mix about 1.69 ounces of beer with a glass of water and use this concoction to water the plant. This beer fertilizer should ideally be used once a month. Excessive usage could risk harming the orchid, possibly causing a contrary effect.

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