LifestyleBoost your social status by 'throning': The unsettling dating trend on the rise

Boost your social status by 'throning': The unsettling dating trend on the rise

What is "throning"?
What is "throning"?
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10:48 AM EST, January 4, 2024

Creating a facade on the internet has become significantly important, not just among celebrities, but also among those seeking love. Dating apps like Tinder and Badoo assist in finding partners, but they often harbor numerous scams. As a consequence, we increasingly turn to social media in our quest for fascinating individuals. Surprisingly, the intention isn't always romantic.

A new term has recently materialized in dating terminology. Although "throning" might sound provocative, it’s a phenomenon that has been around for generations. Anyone unfamiliar with this term should familiarize themselves with it.

What does throning mean?

This term is employed when we discuss people who date to boost their social capital. Throning occurs when we date someone purely to enhance our reputation. Some do this to impress others and broaden their influence, while others seek to ignite jealousy in their ex-partners.

The Swaddle portal cited a 2018 survey in which a thousand single users participated. Nine percent confessed that they date merely to ascend in social circles. Meanwhile, twenty-seven percent noticed that they post pictures with others to incite jealousy in an ex-partner.

When can throning be harmful?

Since people are inherently social beings, most relationships we form outside our families can lead us to a broader group of people sharing similar interests. This applies to romantic relationships, professional contacts, or friendships. Expanding your social circle this way is harmless. Still, it becomes problematic when motivations for dating or social gatherings are strictly social ambitions, devoid of genuine affection or interest in the other person.

This is where the term "throning" comes into play, often denoting someone who dates another solely for the latter's social status and influence, factors that have gained immense significance in the age of social media.

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