Tips&TricksBoost your indoor greenery: potted palms care and the surprising benefits of banana peel fertilizer

Boost your indoor greenery: potted palms care and the surprising benefits of banana peel fertilizer

After the home treatment, the palm has sprouted lots of leaves.
After the home treatment, the palm has sprouted lots of leaves.
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5:12 AM EST, January 13, 2024

Potted palms add an attractive touch to your home decor. Fascinatingly, they not only offer visual appeal but also ecological advantages because they contribute to air purification. If you're just beginning your journey as a palm caretaker, it's advisable to start with the least demanding varieties such as Kentia, Areca, or Fortune's roughabark. Indeed, the care of a potted palm isn't too complex. Nonetheless, adhering to certain care practices will ensure the plant thrives. So, what are these practices?

What is the appropriate care for potted palms?

Indoor plants present numerous benefits. Many find nurturing these plants immensely satisfying. However, sometimes, despite extensive efforts, the palms turn yellow and might even wilt. Fortunately, there exist tried-and-true methods that guarantee the growth of beautiful plants. One such fundamental practice is the correct positioning of the palm. An arid, suitably-lit space is pivotal for their development. Proper watering is also of crucial importance. In addition, palms occasionally need appropriate nutrients that will stimulate their growth and protect against fungi or pests.

Home-made fertilizer preparation

If you desire a lush, green palm that sprouts fresh leaves, you should give it proper care. A notable method is to prepare home-made fertilizer, which will serve as a spa treatment for your palm. But how should you appropriately prepare it? You'll require one or two banana peels. The freshly cut peels should go into a large jar filled with warm water. After two days, dilute the solution with an equal amount of water.

It's advisable to transfer the prepared blend into a container and use it for watering the palm. Then, after applying the fertilizer over a couple of days, give your plant a light watering. Keep in mind, avoid overwatering! Palms do not appreciate excessive water. It's also worth noting that fertilizer should be applied every two weeks.

The beneficial effects of bananas

It's been commonly understood for a while that bananas are incredibly healthy. This fruit is rich in valuable antioxidants and carotenoids. But its value extends beyond nutrition. Interestingly, banana peels are a source of numerous minerals and organic compounds that are beneficial for palms. Among these, we find potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Evidence suggests that these elements significantly support the growth of potted plants.

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