Tips&TricksBoost your dishwasher's performance: Don't overlook the importance of clean propellers

Boost your dishwasher's performance: Don't overlook the importance of clean propellers

This dishwasher part needs to be cleaned regularly.
This dishwasher part needs to be cleaned regularly.
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6:02 AM EST, February 22, 2024

Remember, dishwashers have designated cleaning programs that need to be activated regularly. These cleaning cycles ensure the machine works effectively, but sometimes, problems can still occur. Before pointing fingers at the dishwasher or the detergent or thinking of calling a technician, check the propellers inside the dishwasher.

Why isn't the dishwasher effectively cleaning the dishes?

Poorly cleaned mugs, plates, and cutlery can result from various issues, but these do not necessarily mean a service center visit for our dishwasher or retirement. If you've ruled out detergent efficiency and technical malfunctions, the culprit behind the dishwasher's poor performance might be the inconspicuous but vital propellers. These often go unnoticed and get remembered only when dishes block their movement, a common mistake when using a dishwasher. Fortunately, it's a quickly resolved issue.

Many dishwasher users don't realize they can easily remove and clean the propellers. Your device came with a user manual, which most people overlook. It will generally recommend the regular cleaning of the propellers. Many manufacturers suggest cleaning these parts at least once a week. Doing so will drastically improve your dishwasher's efficiency, ensuring consistently clean and shiny dishes.

How do you clean dishwasher propellers?

The importance of the dishwasher's propellers can't be overstated. They are crucial in ensuring the water used for cleaning flows correctly. When they become clogged with food particles, it's no surprise that the dishes remain dirty even after a long cycle. To clean them, start by detaching the propellers. Use long tweezers or a toothpick to probe inside and remove small debris.

Doing this ensures that the propellers will operate ideally inside the dishwasher. If you are uncertain whether these dishwasher parts are thoroughly clean and allow water to flow, rinse them under a shower or another stream of water. Thoroughly dousing them will quickly reveal if water can exit from all openings. If the test is successful, you can reinstall the propellers into the dishwasher, load your dishes, and start the machine.