FoodBoost your coffee's health benefits with a pinch of salt, scientists suggest

Boost your coffee's health benefits with a pinch of salt, scientists suggest

Coffee and salt. Does it make sense?
Coffee and salt. Does it make sense?
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4:25 AM EST, February 20, 2024

Many of us can hardly fathom a day without sipping at least one cup of coffee. And for a good reason. As long as we stick to the guidelines about amounts of coffee consumption, it generally impacts us positively. However, there's a catch. Coffee additives can either amplify their benefits or nullify them completely. But where does salt stand in this equation?

The Role of Additives in Coffee

Salt, a seasoning we often link with adverse health issues, is advised to be consumed sparingly by scientists, doctors, and dietitians due to its adverse effects on our bodies. However, its use could represent a beneficial habit in a different context. How so?

When it comes to coffee, salt can offer an intriguing alternative to commonly used additives that aim to cut the bitterness of the brew. Let's focus on why adding a smidgen of salt to your coffee could be worth it.

The Alliance of Salt and Coffee

We've established that salt can temper the bitterness of coffee. But that's just one of the positive aspects of this combination. The second is substituting salt for unhealthy sugar. The third, as suggested by many baristas, is that salt might help unveil the brew's full aroma, something that coffee lovers will surely appreciate.

Coffee with salt makes more sense than it seems.
Coffee with salt makes more sense than it seems.© Canva | mkupiec7

On a side note, it's essential to understand that both an excess and a deficiency of salt can lead to various health issues, including serious heart diseases. Instead of consuming salt from chips or heavily processed meats, it is smarter to manage your consumption responsibly. Thus, a pinch of salt in your coffee may be a more sensible choice than adding sugar or creamer.

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