Tips&TricksBoost your Christmas cactus bloom with unusual homemade fertilizer from your medicine cabinet

Boost your Christmas cactus bloom with unusual homemade fertilizer from your medicine cabinet

Grudnik needs the appropriate fertilizer for growth.
Grudnik needs the appropriate fertilizer for growth.
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3:26 PM EST, December 22, 2023

The majority of indoor plants are often deprived of essential nutrients. In their native habitats, these plants enjoy a constant supply of nourishing substances that bolster and boost plant growth. The Christmas cactus is a prime example, as the exhausted soil in the pot doesn't allow it to flower properly. Given that the leaves aren't particularly aesthetic, it pays off to support the plant by watering it with a homemade fertilizer, derived from water and a secret ingredient found in your household medicine cabinet.

Proper care is crucial for the Christmas cactus

If your plant is positioned near the front door or on the kitchen windowsill, don't be startled if it seems to wither right before your eyes. This is because this plant can't stand temperature fluctuations and drafts, making locations next to heaters or windows harmful. Additionally, exposure to intense sunlight can lead to leaf scorching. This plant thrives at temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, although it can also handle slightly cooler conditions. However, it's important that the temperature doesn't fall below 59 degrees, as the plant will feel endangered and hold back on producing blooms.

Since the Christmas cactus is native to tropical rainforests, high levels of humidity are paramount, meaning its pot soil should never be allowed to desiccate. Failure to do so could lead to leaf shriveling, which is hard to revert. The plant needs regular watering and a luminous, airy spot. However, it's worth mentioning that overwatering is just as detrimental - the soil should only be kept damp.

A medicine-based homemade fertilizer

The Christmas cactus is a plant that needs occasional nourishment to restore all the nutrients deficient in its pot soil. Easily available household products prove handy for this purpose. An excellent ingredient is activated charcoal, typically used for treating various kinds of food poisonings. Simply dissolve one tablet in a cup of water and hydrate your plant with the resulting concoction.

It's best to apply this natural fertilizer every few weeks, especially right before the blooming season. Typically, this is once annually, around December and January. However, with careful tending, some plant owners manage to instigate a second blooming phase, which usually occurs in early autumn. Proper, year-round care results in an interior decoration of a plethora of ravishing blooms during winter.

Grudnik after blooming
Grudnik after blooming© Pixabay | biancaberg
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